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Would Being A Best Selling Author Help Your Business?

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We thought you might be a good fit for one of our multiple author books or your own Best Seller book.

Benefits (Why Authority)
• Capture more customers/clients with less effort
• Seen where people look for what you do
• You become a recognized expert by external sources –
o You Become reported on / quoted on Leading Web News Journals
o They’re calling you the expert (Very Powerful) – It’s Not Just You saying it
• You Stand out from the crowd in Search Engine Returns
• You go from Zero to Hero
• You Become the Go To Guy for your expertise

Incentives (Impact on Your Business)
1. Moves you to working ON the Business rather than Working IN the Business – which is what all successful entrepreneurs realize and do!
2. Your personal and Corporate Brand competes better with the Large Corporates Especially Locally
3. Your Local Marketing Image goes Stella – and you become a local celebrity (as seen on) so Perception is that “You Must Be Good At What You Do” – I’ll buy/use Him/Her/them….
4. It’s Scaleable and – start now with a small piece and add more down the line
5. It’s tailor made specifically for you and your business
6. Not available anywhere else locally.

authority pricing guide

Authority Pricing Guide

I’m a member of a group of independent publishers and authority marketing specialists. Through our group I can guarantee you will be an Amazon Best Seller author. If you book does not become a best seller in at least one category I refund your entire investment.


We have developed a system which requires you to do no writing. We interview you, record the interview and develop your chapter of a multi-author book from this interview.

Once your book is published, an Amazon Kindle book, we will commission a Press Release and have it syndicated nationwide. Your Press Release will be published on hundreds of networks, including CBS, NBC and Fox affiliates, many major newspapers and journals.

Start your new life as an authority in your field! Being a Best Selling Author provides instant authority!

Contact me directly if you are interested in becoming a Best Selling author: